How should an electric drill be maintained?
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Drill due to ventilation and long-term use of internal dust, dust will make the gears and bearings (slip sets) on the lubricating oil mixed metamorphic suction wear, especially the use of alternative even worse. In order to protect the rotation accuracy of the drill, reduce the bearing (slip sleeve) wear and produce excessive clearance, it is necessary to keep clean inside and grease lubrication.


Release the drill a few pieces of self-tapping screws or screws; flat to put half of the shell opened; general new hand drill structure is half-embedded, that is, all the machines, electrical components are installed in the other half of the shell

Carefully remove the carbon brush, and then take the drill chuck this end, and then gently lift the motor to remove the rotor (do not bruise enameled wire), clear the rotor commutator (contact with the carbon brush that is), if too dirty Or wear badly can be used to wear sand and then sandpaper or gold sandpaper polished to light.

Before the rotor, if the bearing can be sealed if the outside can be wiped clean, if the seal should be replaced in a timely manner. Turn the helical gears on the front of the rotor

Clean the oil inside the shell. Cut the helical gears and the bearings (or bushings) on both sides of the drill chuck.

Put the unloaded parts back, first installed rotor; re-installed drill chuck helix gear; installed carbon brush, carbon brush if less than 7-8 mm to be timely for new. The carbon brush to be installed flattening, and finally find a little "Mobil" or "Shell" grease added to the gear pair and bearing (or sleeve) between all the parts to be installed flattened check can be closed after the other half, Tighten the screw, hand movement feel no stuck, can only power test.

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