The use of cutting machine instructions
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1, after the installation of cutting machine, turn on the power to check the whole part of the rotation is flexible, the fasteners are loose.

2, turn on the power, press the host button, the blade steering is consistent with the direction of the arrow. If the reverse is adjusted immediately. After the inspection can be clamped rock samples for cutting, rock sample clamping, should choose a reliable clamping point, to prevent false folder and false folder phenomenon. So as not to damage the tool and rock samples due to rock movement during the cutting process.

3, work, the first start the main motor, and then press the work into the button, began to cut, because the rock was irregular shape, this time the feed speed is slow, until the blade blade into the rock sample, before a little faster The

4, cutting machine automatic advance and retreat knife, when the cutter along the table to the terminal movement, can automatically back to the beginning, and automatically stop moving. Such as the need to work in the process of back, press the console rewind button, you can. Fast forward in the need to advance, press the work button can also enter the knife. Regardless of the feed or retract, press the stop button cutter to stop moving. If you find the cutter away from the rock, you can press the fast forward button (hold down) or jog fast forward, until the blade close to the rock sample, the release button. And then press the work into the button, the normal cutting. This can shorten the feed aid time. The machine feed drive shown in Figure 3.

5, in the cutting of the specimen, the work can be adjusted according to the hardness of the rock before the feed rate, in the cutting process to adjust the feed speed may appear knife marks, according to the experience of cutting hard stone, the speed is generally 40 mm / Points around.

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