A novice on the round saw blade, sawtooth how much understanding
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Introduction of alloy saw blade and how to choose

Alloy saw blade commonly used to have left and right teeth (alternating teeth), flat teeth, ladder flat teeth (high and low teeth), inverted trapezoidal teeth (inverted cone teeth), dovetail teeth (hump teeth), and rare industry Level of the three left and right, around the flat teeth and so on.

 1. The left and right teeth use the most extensive, cutting speed, grinding is relatively simple. Applicable to open materials and cross-saw a variety of soft and hard wood profiles and MDF, multilayer, particleboard and so on. The left and right teeth with the anti-backlash teeth are used for the longitudinal cutting of various sections of the tree. The left and right saw blades with negative racas are sharp and easy to be cut. Panel sawing.

 2. Flat teeth saw more rough, cutting speed is slow, grinding the most simple. Mainly used for ordinary wood sawing, low cost, and more for the smaller diameter of the saw blade to keep the cutting to reduce adhesion, or for slotted saw blade to keep the bottom of the flat.

 3. Ladder teeth is a combination of trapezoidal teeth and flat teeth, grinding more complex, sawing can reduce the phenomenon of veneer crack, apply to a variety of single and double veneer board, fire board sawing. Aluminum saw blade in order to prevent the adhesion is also more than the number of teeth with the number of teeth.

 4. Tilting tooth is commonly used in the saw blade saw blade, in the sawing double veneer wood-based panel, the groove saw to adjust the thickness of the bottom of the grooving processing, and then by the main saw to complete the sawing of the plate to To prevent the phenomenon of sawing edge of the saw.

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